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  1. I’m not dead, I swear. School just started again and I already haven’t seen the sunlight in days.

    Goal for this weekend: upload dat art.

  2. Drawin in the garden again :)

    Lauren Trahan, 2014

  3. Some gifs from my dives in Belize this summer :>

  4. Mixed media

    Lauren Trahan, 2014

  5. Starscapes (in gif format)

    Because making gifs is cool, right?

    Lauren Trahan, 2013

  6. Because sometimes you need to draw robot people

    Sharpie on white paper

    Lauren Trahan, 2014


  7. To my sudden influx of new followers: thank you and you’re awesome. ;)

  8. Set #3 from Bridge Span 12 and Red Sea Tug

    Lauren Trahan, 2014

  9. Strangers 3

    Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.0

    Lauren Trahan, 2014

  10. Set #2 from my Bridge Span 12 and Red Sea Tug dives

    Lauren Trahan, 2014